About Us

We are a New York City moving company with the highest customer satisfaction rate.

Our mission statement is to “provide smooth, stress-free moves to our customers while minimizing the negative impact on the environment”. Stress-free moves can only be accomplished by happy employees. Therefore, we do whatever possible to retain our human resources and pay them competitive wages. At our moving company, we understand that our employees can focus on delivering the highest quality of service only after their basic needs are covered.

We are very big on sustainability and try to go paperless whenever possible. We are already sending quotes through the email and planning to send certificates of insurance through the same way as well. On top of that, each of our moving crews has tablets with moving plans and checklists, which can also be used in different ways for eco-friendly purposes.

Our Mission

Provide smooth, stress-free moves to our customers while minimizing the negative impact on the environment. We understand that delivery of high quality of services can only be accomplished by experienced, responsible, and happy employees.

Our Vision

Start adopting eco-friendly trucks for short distance moves by 2022. We also would like to use those trucks in long-distance moves, but it depends on the number of charging stations and repair shops along the route.

Moving Anytime Soon?

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12 Major Reasons for Using Us

1. Affordable Prices and Reliable Service

Cheapest doesn’t always mean the best. Fortunately, we were able to price our services competitive enough while keeping high quality.

2. Available 24/7/365

We work 365 days a year without breaks. If you are awake, we are ready to work.

3. Clean, Well-Maintained Trucks

Your items won’t get dirty and absorb other odors while in our trucks. We also maintain our trucks to have them ready for our customers 24/7/365. No need to rent one.

4. Discounted Storage Spaces

If you move with us, we will give you a comfortable discount on our storage services. We have storage units to store from a few boxes to entire apartments.

5. Flexible Payment Options

Cash, debit cards, and following credit cards: visa, master card, discover, American express. If your preferred payment method is not listed here, ask our salesmen.

6. Hourly and Flat Rate Pricing Available.

We work with our customers, and that’s why we offer hourly and flat rate moves. Get a flat rate quote through a phone call, Facetime call, or on-site estimate.

7. Licensed and Fully Insured Moving Company

We are a licensed and insured NYC moving company located in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

8. Loyalty Discounts for Repeat Customers

Think ahead and save money with our loyalty program. If you are a repeat customer, request a loyalty discount from our salespeople.

9. Precise Moving Quote in Your Email

We will email you your quote, so you can see what exactly is included. We only offer transparent upfront quotes without surprise charges and hidden fees.

10. We Care About Your Items

Our packing experts will ensure that your every item is boxed or wrapped. Floors, walls, and the doors in your apartments or houses will also be protected.

11. We Have the Necessary Equipment

Each of our trucks has a special toolbox for furniture disassembly and reassembly.

12. We Save Your Valuable Time

In a fast-paced city like New York City, time is super valuable. Our experienced crew of trained packers and movers will do the job faster than you would do it on your own. Your back will thank you as well!